In Disney’s 2009 animated movie Up, a dog named Dug was a perfect example of how many employees behave in today’s workplace. Faced with so many decisions on what to do next, Dug can’t focus on any of them and ends up being distracted when

ever a new option—or squirrel—crosses his path.

Employees in the workplace today face a constant stream of internal and external distractions that splinter their attention, energy and ability to operate at a high level of efficiency and creativity.

Internal distractions, for example, are often physical. Let’s face it: we are a tired nation. We go to bed too late and then have to get up early, dragging ourselves into work and relying on caffeine and sugar to keep us going. How can we concentrate when we’re fighting to stay awake? Add in the odds that we’re also constantly dehydrated (80 percent of Americans are) and not getting enough nutrients or exercise, and it make sense that we’re not at the top of our game. Instead of having physical and mental energy for performing the job, we think about the caffeine headache, indigestion, or hunger we feel. It’s certainly hard to be a high performance employee facing those distractions.

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